Worm Screen Centrifuge

Our worm screen centrifuge is the continuous discharge centrifuge. This kind of mining centrifuge is highly characterized by outstanding capacity, exceptional energy efficiency, stable performance and prominent separation effects. Our screen scroll centrifuge allows for full-speed workflow covering feeding, washing, dewatering and discharge.

Our worm screen centrifuge shows excellence in terms of structure design and technical innovation. This chemical centrifuge finds tremendous applications in industries of chemical, food, mining, salt production, pharmacy and drilling, etc.

    1. LLW Horizontal Worm Screen Centrifuges

      Our food separation equipment is endowed with multi-protections to ensure reliable operation, including rotation speed detection, over-vibration protection as well as motor overheat and overload protection. Built-in washing pipe is available in this chemical ...

    1. LLWZ Screen Worm CentrifugeThis screen worm centrifuge is a cantilevered centrifuge integrated with concentration and filtration, has combined the advantages and working principles of horizontal solid bowl decanter centrifuge and horizontal screen worm centrifuge to optimize separation results in different separation phases.
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