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Screen Worm Centrifuge

Main Features of LLWZ Screen Worm Centrifuge
This screen worm centrifuge is a cantilevered centrifuge integrated with concentration and filtration, has combined the advantages and working principles of horizontal solid bowl decanter centrifuge and horizontal screen worm centrifuge to optimize separation results in different separation phases. In the first solid-liquid separation phase, materials are dewatered in the basket settlement area and the concentrated solids would be pushed to filtering area while liquid is discharged from the liquid outlet. In the second separation phase, concentrated and filtered solid will be dewatered again in the cylindrical screen to maximize solid dryness. This screen worm centrifuge specializes in solid-liquid separation in chemical and medical fields, is highly characterized with outstanding capacity, stable performance and prominent separation effects with higher solid dryness and etc. Our screen worm centrifuge has better effect on separating mother liquid with lower solid content or a small amount of oily based content.

Technical parameters of screen worm centrifuge

Models Bowl Diameter (mm) Bowl Speed (r/min) G-force Productivity (m³/h) Main motor Power (kW) Weight (kg) Dimension (L*W*H) (mm)
LLWZ450 450 2500 1574 2~6 37 2500 1780*1400*1431
LLWZ650 650 1600 931 3~8 55 4000 2600*1700*1940
LLWZ900 900 1200 725 5~15 75 5000 2900*2150*2360
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