• Industry: Chemical
    Case Name: Rare Earth Project Phase One and Phase Two in Malaysia
    Machine Applied: SGZ 1250 Three-column Automatic Bottom Discharge Scraper Centrifuges

  • Industry: Chemical
    Case Name: Flammable and explosive applications in Wuxi chemical industry in China
    Machine Applied: LWFX420 Explosion-proof Decanter Centrifuge

  • Industry: Pharmacy
    Case Name: Xinhua Pharmacy Project in Shandong, China
    Machine Applied: PSD1250 Top Discharge Centrifuge with Filter Bag

  • Industry: Pharmacy
    Case Name: HEC Pharm Project
    Machine Applied: PLD Pull Action Filter Centrifuge with Scraper Bottom Discharge

  • Industry: Pharmacy
    Case Name: Novartis Pharmaceuticals in China
    Machine Applied: GKF1250 Pharma Peeler Centrifuge

  • Industry: Wastewater Treatment
    Case Name: Wastewater Treatment Project in Water Supply Plant in Zhangjiagang, China
    Machine Applied: LW450 Decanter Centrifuge

  • Industry: Sludge Treatment
    Case Name: Drilling Mud Treatment Project in the USA
    Machine Applied: LW355 Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge

  • Industry: Food
    Case Name: Fruit Juice Production Project in Malaysia
    Machine Applied: LWX355 Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge

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