1. LW Horizontal Decanter Centrifuges

      LW horizontal decanter centrifuges feature continuous feeding and discharging. This chemical separation equipment has been applied to two-phase (solid-liquid) and three-phase (solid-liquid-liquid) slurries separation in industries of chemicals ...

    1. LWF Explosion-proof Decanter CentrifugesDuring liquid-solid separations, this chemical explosion-proof centrifuge prevents interior air from being discharged or exterior air from flowing into inside of the solid bowl decanter, whereby eliminating explosions.
    1. LWS Three Phase Decanter CentrifugesOur petroleum centrifuge has been proved to be perfect for solid-liquid-liquid separations in industries of chemical and petroleum, etc. This cooking oil processing device is also applicable for palm oil and olive oil.
    1. LWZ Screen Bowl Decanter CentrifugesThis horizontal sedimenting centrifuge is specially applied to solid-liquid separations for industries of mining, metallurgy and salt production. Our horizontal filtering centrifuge is distinguished by large production capacity and remarkable low moisture content of solid phases.
    1. LW Drilling Mud Decanter CentrifugesThis horizontal separation equipment, as an oil drilling equipment, is the time-verified drilling mud processing solution to process water/synthetic based drilling fluids as well as traditional oil-based drilling mud.
  • Sludge Dewatering UnitThis municipal wastewater treatment system is highly characterized by advanced structure, optimal configuration, high automation, continuous and closed workflow, as well as safe and reliable performance, etc.
    1. GKF Pharma Peeler Centrifuges

      GKF pharma peeler centrifuges come with continuous workflow and batch type operation. This explosion proof centrifuge is ruggedly designed in the tune with GMP standards in pharmaceutical industry. Grounded on short cycle time and large ...

    1. GK Peeler CentrifugesPLC system is introduced to explosion-proof horizontal scraper centrifuge for efficient remote control. Touch screen delivers intuitive operation and easy maintenance. Electro-pneumatic/hydraulic control system is applied to moving parts.
    1. GKH Siphon Peeler Centrifuges

      This starch separation equipment is highly recommended for applications where requiring large volume production, high cake dryness and remarkable washing effect. Therefore, our enclosed centrifuge is applicable for separation of starch, sodium ...

    1. PSD Top Discharge Centrifuges with Filter Bag

      The PSD top discharge centrifuges with filter bag are solid-liquid separation equipment in base plate design. This series of industrial centrifuge is endowed with simply structure, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance. Filtration time allows for free adjustment, resulting in effective cake washing and undamaged solid phase.

    1. PQSB Top Discharge Centrifuges with Fully Opening Cover

      Exceptional versatility has been proved by wide applications in separation of fibrous materials and slurries containing granules, as well as undamaged particles. Variable frequency drive is employed for stable start-up and adjustable centrifugal force.

    1. PSB Vertical Top Discharge CentrifugesThis enclosed centrifuge brings minimized damages to particles. Therefore, our vertical top discharge centrifuge has been serving the separation needs of fibrous materials and slurries containing granules.
    1. PBZ Vertical Top Discharge Centrifuges with Direct Shaft Connected MotorWhat distinguishes our multifunctional centrifuge is the utilization of direct shaft connected motor. This series of direct driven enclosed centrifuge swells transmission efficiency and eliminates energy consumption by V-belt drive.
    1. LLW Horizontal Worm Screen Centrifuges

      Our food separation equipment is endowed with multi-protections to ensure reliable operation, including rotation speed detection, over-vibration protection as well as motor overheat and overload protection. Built-in washing pipe is available in this chemical ...

      1. LLWZ Screen Worm CentrifugeThis screen worm centrifuge is a cantilevered centrifuge integrated with concentration and filtration, has combined the advantages and working principles of horizontal solid bowl decanter centrifuge and horizontal screen worm centrifuge to optimize separation results in different separation phases.
  • Pusher CentrifugeThe strengths of this industrial separation equipment are most evident for special processing requirements such as high centrifugal force, intensive washing, minimum water and solid content, etc.
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