Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge

Our manual top discharge centrifuge is greatly renowned for flexible filtering time, complete cake washing, undamaged solid phase and easy maintenance. As a specialized supplier of industrial separation equipment, we offer our manual top discharge centrifuge in series of PSD, PQSB, PSB and PBZ.

These vertical centrifuges are highly recommended for mining, metal refining and wastewater treatment, etc.

    1. PSD Top Discharge Centrifuges with Filter Bag

      The PSD top discharge centrifuges with filter bag are solid-liquid separation equipment in base plate design. This series of industrial centrifuge is endowed with simply structure, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance. Filtration time allows for free adjustment, resulting in effective cake washing and undamaged solid phase.

    1. PQSB Top Discharge Centrifuges with Fully Opening Cover

      Exceptional versatility has been proved by wide applications in separation of fibrous materials and slurries containing granules, as well as undamaged particles. Variable frequency drive is employed for stable start-up and adjustable centrifugal force.

    1. PSB Vertical Top Discharge CentrifugesThis enclosed centrifuge brings minimized damages to particles. Therefore, our vertical top discharge centrifuge has been serving the separation needs of fibrous materials and slurries containing granules.