Horizontal Peeler Centrifuge

Our horizontal peeler centrifuge is the automatic filtration centrifuge featuring continuous workflow with batch-type operation. This dewatering equipment allows for easy switch between automatic control and manual control.

Our horizontal centrifuge finds extensive applications in industries of chemical, food, light industry and pharmacy, etc. This series of horizontal peeler centrifuge is highly recommended for slurries containing fine, medium or large particles such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium bicarbonate and PVC, etc.

Main Features
Our peeler centrifuge allows for high speed workflow covering feeding, separation, washing, dewatering, discharge and filter cloth regeneration, etc. As a result, customers not only benefit from short single cycle time and exceptional capability, but also impressive dry and washing effects.

    1. GKF Pharma Peeler Centrifuges

      GKF pharma peeler centrifuges come with continuous workflow and batch type operation. This explosion proof centrifuge is ruggedly designed in the tune with GMP standards in pharmaceutical industry. Grounded on short cycle time and large ...

    1. GK Peeler CentrifugesPLC system is introduced to explosion-proof horizontal scraper centrifuge for efficient remote control. Touch screen delivers intuitive operation and easy maintenance. Electro-pneumatic/hydraulic control system is applied to moving parts.
    1. GKH Siphon Peeler Centrifuges

      This starch separation equipment is highly recommended for applications where requiring large volume production, high cake dryness and remarkable washing effect. Therefore, our enclosed centrifuge is applicable for separation of starch, sodium ...

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