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Siphon Peeler Centrifuges

The GKH siphon peeler centrifuges are practically engineered on the basis of common horizontal scraper centrifuges.

Siphon Principle
With the adoption of siphon principle, more pushing force is generated to assist all clarified liquid to pass through filtration media into liquid chamber. Then liquid is drained out of basket via siphon. Suction inlet placement determines liquid level in suction chamber, thus leading to changes of pushing force, filtration speed, handling capacity, cake dryness and washing efficiency.

Recoil device is available to supply washing liquid to suction chamber when it’s needed. Washing liquid flows through filtration media into basket, whereby refreshing filtration function.

Main Features of GKH Siphon Peeler Centrifuge
1. Feeding
Due to free adjustment on filtration speed, lower filtration speed is recommended for feeding progress, thus bypassing problems of un-even distribution of cake.

2. Filtration
Siphon pipe locates at low level in filtration stage. With column height Hu of additional liquid, filtration speed swells and processing capacity in amplified by 50%.

3. Washing
Suction inlet of siphon pipe locates at high level during washing stage, offering quite small pushing force. Therefore, washing liquid moves slowly, resulting in prolonged time of remaining in cake, minimized washing liquid consumption and better washing effects.

4. Dewatering
In this period, suction inlet of siphon pipe is deployed at the lowest level, generating the largest pushing force. As a result, water contained in cake can be readily drained out.

5. Backwashing
After scraper discharging, washing liquid can be added into siphon chamber from outside. The washing liquid flows through filtration media into basket for backwashing, which brings exceptional washing effects and regeneration ability to filter cloth.

Main Application of GKH Siphon Peeler Centrifuge
This starch separation equipment is highly recommended for applications where requiring large volume production, high cake dryness and remarkable washing effect. Therefore, our enclosed centrifuge is applicable for separation of starch, sodium bicarbonate and calcium phosphate, etc.

Structure of GKH Siphon Peeler Centrifuge

Starch Processing Capacity and Centrifugal Force (For Reference)

Item Productivity (t/h) Moisture content (%) Solid-phase Material Loss (%)
GKH800 0.8-1.2 35-38 0.05
GKH1000 2.0-2.5 35-38 0.05
GKH1250 3.5-4.5 35-38 0.05
GKH1600 8.0-10 35-38 0.05
Working Principle of GKH Siphon Peeler Centrifuge

Workflow of GKH Siphon Peeler Centrifuge(For Reference Only)

Technical Parameter of GKH Siphon Peeler Centrifuge

Item Model
GKH800 GKH1000 GKH1250 GKH1600
Basket Dia. (mm) 800 1000 1250 1600
Basket Length (mm) 450 500 625 800
Basket Volume (L) 100 172 370 690
Max. Load (kg) 135 240 500 930
Max. Speed (rpm) 1550 1350 1200 950
Centrifugal Force 1080 1020 1007 808
Motor Power (kW) 45 55 90 132
Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 2550×1850×1350 2400×2150×1700 3450×3300×2500 4550×2750×2300
Weight (kg) 4000 8000 12000 16550
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