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Screen Bowl Decanter Centrifuges

The LWZ screen bowl decanter centrifuges are the perfect blend of sedimentation and filtration functions and feature exceptional dewatering effects.

Working Principle
In the first solid-liquid separation stage, phases are dewatered in the sedimentation area of this industrial separation equipment bowl. Separated solids are moved to filtration area and clarified liquids are discharged from liquid outlet.

In the second separation stage, concentrated substances are further dewatered in filtration screen section.

This horizontalsedimenting centrifuge is specially applied to solid-liquid separations for industries of mining, metallurgy and salt production. Our horizontal filtering centrifuge is distinguished by large production capacity and remarkable low moisture content of solid phases.

Structural Diagram of LWZ Screen Bowl Decanter Centrifuges

Technical Parameter of LWZ Screen Bowl Decanter Centrifuges

Models LWZ530*2120 LWZ650*1950 LWZ1000*3000
Bowl Diameter (mm) 530 650 1000
L/D Ratio 4 3 3
Bowl Speed (r/min) 2800 2500 1500
G-force 2327 2272 1258
Main motor Power (kW) 55 90 132
Weight (kg) 5000 7500 16000
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 4870*1230*1518 4477*1719*1558 5200*2450*1981
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