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Explosion-proof Decanter Centrifuges

Our LWF explosion-proof decanter centrifuges are frequently seen in explosive or flammable applications for industries of chemical, petrochemical and pharmacy, etc. During liquid-solid separations, this chemical explosion-proof centrifuge prevents interior air from being discharged or exterior air from flowing into inside of the solid bowl decanter, whereby eliminating explosions.

Automatic Nitrogen Protection System

Sealing Systems
1. Atmospheric
The atmospheric centrifuge is well-suited for applications that phases or vapors are harmless to be released to environment, and centrifuge bowl is not necessary to be isolated from surrounding atmosphere.

2. Vapor-Tight
The vapor-tight decanter is the proven solution to cases where substances generated from separation processes are harmful to the environment or substances are not supposed to be contact with ambient air.

3. Gas-Tight
The gas-tight centrifuge features inert gases to offer safe operations of phases that are toxic, corrosive or flammable.

LWF Explosion-proof Decanter Centrifuge System

Due to sealing system, partial inert gases in our pharmaceutical explosion-proof centrifuge might be emitted to ambient environment. Therefore, sufficient oxygen supply for operatives is necessary. Additional environment detector, such as gas detector, is also essential to ensure staff safety in maintenance of explosion decanter centrifuge.

Technical Parameter of LWF Explosion-proof Decanter Centrifuge

Models LWF355 x 1460 LWF420 x 1680 LWF530 x 2120 LWF720 x 2880
Bowl Dia(mm) 350 420 530 720
L/R Ratio 4.17 4 4 4
Max. Speed(r/min) 4000 3500 3200 2500
G-force(g) 3100 3080 3040 2516
Main motor power(kw) 22 30-37 45-55 90-110
Weight(kg) 2020 3500 4200 11000
Dimension(L*W*H) 3235*1010*1029 3459*1320*1303 4054*1650*1431 5280*2033*1720
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